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Greg Basco

We're photographers too!

In addition to itineraries designed specifically for photography and instructors, guides, and drivers chosen especially for our photographer clients, we go a step beyond. You will have personal pre-trip communication with Greg Basco to ensure that you bring photo gear adequate to meet your photo expectations. There's nothing like having a local professional photographer as your personal trip consultant. And Foto Verde clients are friends for life. We love to hear from you after your trip and if at any time we can offer advice on future gear purchases or just a refresher on photo techniques you learned on your Costa Rica trip, it's our pleasure!


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Our Costa Rica workshops mix fantastic photo opportunities, a pleasant group environment, and personalized instruction to help you master your camera's functions so you can explore your own artistic vision of Costa Rica. We also offer customized tours for individuals and small groups. Let us take care of everything from the time you step off the plane so that you can concentrate on photography!

The Art of Biodiversity - Pacific, with Greg Basco

THE ART OF BIODIVERSITY - PACIFIC, WITH GREG BASCO - This tour was designed especially by Greg Basco as a way to work with participants wanting to learn to do creative nature photography in the rainforests of Costa Rica. With Greg at your side, you'll learn how to use off-camera flash as fill and main light for dramatic effect, how to achieve creative compositions and exposures for landscapes and wildlife, and how to portray motion with stop action and blur. For Greg, the true art of photography happens in the camera and in the field, and on this workshop you'll learn a host of new techniques that will expand your nature photography while at the same time producing a colorful portfolio from the amazing forests of Costa Rica. Nonetheless, Greg does use the latest software to optimize his images in the computer, and he will share with you his techniques to bring the best out of your artistic captures. We'll be photographing coastal scenics, forest landscapes, toucans and aracaris, monkeys, hummingbirds, and the quetzal. The Pacific side of Costa Rica enjoys a transition from wet to dry in November, and the birds and other animals are very active!

Toucans & Hummingbirds with Greg Basco

TOUCANS & HUMMINGBIRDS WITH GREG BASCO - Sponsored by NatureScapes and led by Foto Verde Tours founder and professional photographer Greg Basco, this instructional workshop takes you to some of the best places in Costa Rica for photographing toucans and hummingbirds. Of course, we'll also shoot colorful tanagers and honeycreepers as well as some great macro and landscape subjects. Greg will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get great images and learn techniques such as metering, maximizing sharpness, mixing ambient light and on-camera fill-flash, using multiple off-camera flashes for bird setups, and composing for dynamic images. NOTE: FOR SIGNUP, YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO THE NATURESCAPES SITE.

Tropical Nature Setups w/ Greg Basco & Glenn Bartley

TROPICAL NATURE SETUPS WITH GREG BASCO & GLENN BARTLEY - Join the authors of "The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography" for this first annual trip focusing on the technique and art of successful setups for nature photography. Greg and Glenn will show how to work with ambient light and flash to photograph diverse subjects including toucans, parrots, honeycreepers, tanager, black guan, vultures, curassow, frogs, snakes, hummingbirds, and even bats. It's going to be a great trip! NOTE: FOR SIGNUP, YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO OUR FRIEND GLENN BARTLEY'S WEBSITE.