Foto Verde Tours

Due to bureaucratic inefficiencies inherent in and outdated laws governing Costa Rica's tax office, we are unable to make use of options such as credit cards and PayPal for payment. Believe us, we know it would be easier for you and for us!

Nonetheless, we've been able to work quite well with our clients using a two-step system based on checks and wire transfers. Here's how the process works.

Reserve Deposit

Immediately upon signup for a given trip, we ask you to secure your spot by paying a US $500 per person reserve deposit. This is most easily done by mailing us a check. Note that this reserve deposit is non-refundable.

Please make your check out to...

Foto Verde Tours Limitada

Please specify in the memo section of the check...

The name of the trip to which the reserve deposit corresponds (e.g., Art of Biodiversity Caribbean September 2016).

Please mail the check to...

Paulo Valerio Calderon

Foto Verde Tours

Apartado Postal 7-1010

San Jose, 1000

Costa Rica, Central America

Payment of balance

We require full payment for any trip by 60 days out from the trip start date. At approximately 80 days out from the trip start date, we will e-mail you a detailed invoice. We suggest that you pay this invoice using our simple wire transfer instructions, which are spelled out on the invoice itself. Of course, your previous reserve deposit payment will be applied to the final invoice amount.

Please contact us at any time if you have questions.