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Traveler Info Form

Please fill out this form when directed after you have signed up for one of our workshops.

Name *

First Name

Last Name

Address *

Address 1

Address 2


State / Province

Zip / Postal Code


Group or Trip Name *

Please fill in the name of the workshop tour or private tour on which you're traveling (e.g. Tropical Bird Photography with Greg Basco and Doug Brown or Bob Smith family private tour).

Rooming Preference

Passport Information *

Full name as it appears on your passport *

Passport Number *

Country of Passport Issue *

Date of Birth *

Passport Date of Issue *

Month, Day, Year

Passport Date of Expiration *

Month, Day, Year

Emergency Contact *

Please provide the emergency contact information for someone not traveling with you on this tour (name, e-mail address, home phone, cellphone).

Flight Info *

Please provide your complete flight information in a clearly decipherable manner. Please include carrier, flight number, dates and times (including any connecting flights) for your arrival to and departure from the tour country.

Dietary Restrictions *

Please describe any diet preferences or restrictions that you might have. This field is required to submit your form, if you have no dietary restrictions or preference, please type "none" in the form field.

Health Issues *

Please inform us of any health issues you feel to be relevant to your travel, including any medication allergies. This field is required to submit your form, if you have no health issues, please type "none" in the form field.

Extra Services

Please note here if you are arriving early or staying late and would like Foto Verde Tours to arrange hotel reservations for your extra night(s).

Photo Gear and Experience

Please give us a sense of your experience level in photography and also list the photo gear that you plan on bringing to the tour. Please include camera(s), lenses, flashes, filters, tripods, heads, and any other accessories.

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